Galactic Circuz now known as Playtime at Crown! 

In ___ 2016 the former arcade in Crown called Galactic Circuz reborned as Playtime!

The whole place has been revamped and renovated. There are 150 new games, including lifesized games like a huge claw machine, huge pacman, colour wheel and Tetris blocks. There is even an arcade bowling, Simpsons soccer and Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games.

The prize vault looks like a little kids heaven, all the toys in their arms reach for them to pick which prizes they want to swap for. I love this new structure as it gives you a more intimate experience with your prize selections, you don’t have to squint and look at them at the back of the counter, they are right in front of you and you can inspect them before you decide. No awkward waiting for the staff of you are a really indecisive person like me too haha

Another thing they changed was that they are no longer any physical paper tickets, they get automatically added into your cards which is good for the environment. 


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